What is Maple Alley Inn?

Maple Alley Inn serves healthy and sustaining meals in a comfortable and welcoming environment to Whatcom County residents experiencing hunger. Since 1987, MAI has been preparing hot, nutritious meals for people from all walks of life, including those who are homeless, elderly, low-income, veterans, and families with children. Every week we serve breakfast on Tuesday morning and lunch on Wednesday and Thursday, focusing on high quality foods. Additionally, a Maple Alley Inn community garden, grows organic vegetables that are a core part of the prepared meals. Although the pandemic has brought about changes to the ways in which in-person services are provided, the meals never stopped being served to hungry neighbors.

Where did Maple Alley get its name?

This meal program started in an annex at the First Presbyterian Church on Garden Street. The alley between Maple and Laurel passed behind this annex and so that is why it was named Maple Alley Inn, a very cozy home-style name!